Will Writing Online

Will Writing Online was set up to make it simple to write a quality Last Will and testament in minutes.  You can download, print and sign it as soon as you have gone through the process.

You can jump straight in to the Will Writing Online process now (you don’t have to pay until you have it ready to print) but we recommend you read these notes first.

If you want to check the will writing online fees first, click the link.

Will Writing Online

Before you write your Last Will and Testament online, please make sure you read EACH of the three main pages above.

This is not your standard Will Writing online service:

  1. There are real live professional solicitors available if you can’t manage the Will Writing Online service or your requirements are too complex.   It will cost more, but better safe than sorry.  And everything you pay here can be credited against a specially designed Last Will created in discussion with our professionals.
  2. We will credit the full amount that you have paid for your  Will Writing Online Will against a full Last Will consultation with our professional Will Writers in these circumstances.
  3. We believe our Will Writing online service is second to none on the internet.
  4. We are Regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority  and have full Professional Indemnity Insurance. That won’t cover mistakes that you make of course.
  5. Once you have created and signed your Last Will (it is emailed to you to print out and sign, with full instructions), we offer our unique Peace of Mind Service, to make sure your Legal Planning stays secure, up to date and secure and – most important – relevant to your changing circumstance and those of your family.

If you do find that you have a question we haven’t answered do feel free to use the contact page – we will post up the replies on the site (obviously without any personal information.)   There is of course a limit to the advice we can offer on will writing online – it is designed for folk who are reasonably clear on what they want and don’t want to get too complicated – not that our online Will writing software wouldn’t cope!  It is possible that you are more in need of will writing advice than you realise, so you could create your online Will as a temporary measure, then come back to us for personal advice when you have more time – or money!